Who the hell is Alana Norton?

Welcome to Stuff Alana Norton Wrote. I’m Alana Norton (duh) and after several failed attempts at starting blogs on one topic or another,  I’ve decided that the best way for me to blog is to just throw together bits and pieces of things I’ve already written. Here you will find posts I’ve written on other blogs, random Facebook posts, old letters from high school, poetry, bits of short stories I never finished, pictures of dogs, pictures of me in funny hats, old journal entries, occasionally new stuff, and pretty much anything else that I find laying around in my files and think deserves to see the light of day. I will probably be binge posting ( posting 50 entries one day and then nothing for a month) so if thats gonna bug you, don’t follow me. But hopefully you WILL follow me, because hopefully you will find me interesting and/or amusing. Thats the goal. So now that you’ve found me, feel free to peruse, comment, like, ignore, or share anything on this page. This is my little piece of myself to give to the world.


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