Happy Sausage is Happy

This is Sausage. His real name is Snickers, but I never call him that. He’s a fat little dog, so fat, in fact that his skin is taught and tight from stretching to fit him. He is a sausage in a dog shaped casing. So I call him Sausage. He likes it. He likes everything. […]

The Loss of a Friend

Spazzy…. you were the best squirrel ever, and I’m going to miss you terribly… I loved you so much, and I can only hope that you knew that in the short time you shared your life with me. I will always remember you and all your adorable antics. I love you my Squirrely Burly…. I […]

Fuck Tonight

I’m weird. and normally, for most of my weirdness, im like, whatever, thats what makes me awesome but this isnt awesome. having panic attacks in the middle of the fucking night and ranting at people you havent even met, online, and writing creepy blog posts about cutting because your mind keeps going to the dark […]


Triggers are funny. Dangerous thoughts at 2am All alone with those triggers. Grandfather clocks and Seagulls Bring panic attacks Children’s laughter Leads to crushing depression. An ad on the radio Produces tears of grief. And broken glass Creates dangerous thoughts At 2am Alone with those triggers

On Loss

Originally written: Just now luckily for me my mom and i are both pack rats so i have pretty much everything i ever wrote except for one online journal that i lost which REALLY bothers me i’m a hoarder, you see. i dont, contrary as it may seem if you’ve seen my bedroom, hoard STUFF…. […]


My grandmother was an outstanding woman… And I mean that in the literal sense of the word: she stood out. In her red crocks and her funny hats, you knew as soon as you saw her that she was someone you’d never forget. She had a smile that lit up a room, and she had […]