Hereditary Awkwardness

So, today one of my dogs, one who still lived with my parents, passed away. I’m sad but honestly, my roommate broke the news, and he started with”have you talked to your parents today at all?” And as soon as I heard that I knew someone died, and when he told me it was Snickers, […]

Dogs in Movies

I cant watch movies where the dog dies, I go into hysterics. You ever see I Am Legend? well, SPOILER ALERT….the damn dog dies my ex boyfriend and I were watching it and theres a dog and I asked him, cuz its a post-apocolyptic movie, so theres alot of dying, so I ASKED him, as […]

The Loss of a Friend

Spazzy…. you were the best squirrel ever, and I’m going to miss you terribly… I loved you so much, and I can only hope that you knew that in the short time you shared your life with me. I will always remember you and all your adorable antics. I love you my Squirrely Burly…. I […]


Me: hows you? Friend: dead Me: thats…unusual Me: are you a vampire? because im pretty sure zombies arent coordinated enough to type, and ghosts are incorporial


My grandmother was an outstanding woman… And I mean that in the literal sense of the word: she stood out. In her red crocks and her funny hats, you knew as soon as you saw her that she was someone you’d never forget. She had a smile that lit up a room, and she had […]

Smoking with Larry

My Brother was an alcoholic, and a bad drunk. But when he got stoned, he was amazing. He was the coolest brother in the whole world. I started smoking weed when I was 15… My brother didnt find out until I was out of highschool. Even though he smoked I was afraid he would disaprove […]