We’re ALL geeks, here!

The existence of ANY form of hierarchy of geeks/nerds/dorks (I’m tired of people trying to make them mean different things, they don’t, if they ever did they evolved and don’t now) is ridiculous. I’m gonna go a bit sideways and over serious about this but hear me out. I get really disgusted and lose massive […]

The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Your Birthday

Originally posted on FaceBook, April 17th, 2016:   “One of our first selfies together….still one of my favorites. Today my baby turns 42.. And I feel terribly remiss in my duties as a geek girlfriend today because he is still unfortunately unaware of why it SHOULD be a milestone. I’m still working on finding what […]

At Least I’m In Good Company…

I just want to pat the OP on the head and tell her “oh honey…..do you…do you not know how to google? That’s not only already a THING….It’s an entire GENRES of things!! On multiple platforms, in several mediums…. You poor dear…is…NETWORK TELEVISION…your only source of geekdom? Oh gods, I’m so sorry….listen, we’re gonna fix […]

I’m so sorry you’re not a nerd

A friend of mine posted this meme on FaceBook….. The following is what ended up happening in the comments section of that post: Me: I’m….I’m not understanding….is that..NOT….part of living your life to the fullest?? ….did…i miss a memo or something? Friend: I guess some people think that living one’s life to the fullest is […]

Facebook Highlights: January, 2014, so far

Originally Written: January 1, 2015 Stupid cat videos on TV, trying not to squee loud enough to wake anyone up…. Originally Written: January 1, 2015 I dye my hair so often I tend to forget what color it actually is at any given time. Originally Written: January 1, 2015 My feet have had too much […]