Best Thing Ever

Every summer when I was growing up I used to throw this huge party and id invite the whole school, and put out fliers and shit and they were awesome and the year i was 16 I had one of these parties and I invited this guy I liked he was from another school district […]

Smoking with Larry

My Brother was an alcoholic, and a bad drunk. But when he got stoned, he was amazing. He was the coolest brother in the whole world. I started smoking weed when I was 15… My brother didnt find out until I was out of highschool. Even though he smoked I was afraid he would disaprove […]

Poetic Prose

uggghhhh there needs to magically be more juice in my cup i miss my fuckin brother man damnit it hits me at the weirdest most inopportune times you ever been too stoned to cry? i think this is about to turn into a poem… is aww man…its getting to that point in the night when […]