On Loss

Originally written: Just now luckily for me my mom and i are both pack rats so i have pretty much everything i ever wrote except for one online journal that i lost which REALLY bothers me i’m a hoarder, you see. i dont, contrary as it may seem if you’ve seen my bedroom, hoard STUFF…. […]

Poetic Prose

uggghhhh there needs to magically be more juice in my cup i miss my fuckin brother man damnit it hits me at the weirdest most inopportune times you ever been too stoned to cry? i think this is about to turn into a poem…yeah..it is aww man…its getting to that point in the night when […]

The Facebook post that Wasn’t

A while ago there was this thing circulating on Facebook where a friend would give you a number and you’d have to write a post telling that number of things about you that people on your friends list might not know. I thought it was cool so I worked on it as sort of a […]