How to Smoke Weed and Not Get Addicted

Originally written: Just now: I mentioned in an earlier post that I safe guard against my ever getting addicted to marijuana by the way that I smoke it, and I thought i should explain that, as it may be interesting to some people. As you may or may not know, my older brother was an […]

Smoking with Larry

My Brother was an alcoholic, and a bad drunk. But when he got stoned, he was amazing. He was the coolest brother in the whole world. I started smoking weed when I was 15… My brother didnt find out until I was out of highschool. Even though he smoked I was afraid he would disaprove […]

On Drug Use and Writing

Originally written: just now if you read many of my entries you will know i occasionally partake in recreational marijuana and imbibe alcohol. Now, as A child, sister, cousin, and grand daughter of alcoholics/addicts, I can honestly understand if this makes you uncomfortable, or you disagree with my choices. That said, they ARE my choices, […]