The Ice Storm

Originally written: March, 1991 It is one of the most frightening things I’ve ever done Walking out with my father to feed the growling generator gasoline Opeing the door is strangely new. The ice is like glass, its so crystal clear but there is a liquid quality to it, the way it covers EVERYthing… not […]

A Blogger’s Silver Lining

At the very least my recent stressful situation makes great blog fodder. Several intense and currently “In the media” type controversial issues stirring around in my mess… As long as i do my tagging well… Makes for good reading Grabs attention Starts conversation And ultimately is great for my stats. Just sayin.

Originally written: just now, in conversation I’m the worst blogger ever except every once in a while where i become super awesome at it for a short burst of time Yet i have followers… I should thank them. Addendum: THANKS GUYSSSSSSS!!!!!! You people, especially the ones who actually notice when i post new stuff, YOU […]

M.E.M.S.F Syndrome…

So i posted this status message on FaceBook: “Just want to say thanks to everyone who’s supported me this morning, especially my unexpected angel this morning! So much love!!” And then i felt the need to add this addition to the comment section: “The redundant “this morning” in this post is killing me, and im […]

A Poem about Cutting

Originally written: ??? How I do miss that sweet, cold steel The pain that tasted of frostbite and vodka and faded into red wine and chocolate as it swelled. in childhood you were the paint brush of my flesh or a scarlet suggestion of fleeting mortality you grew, as I did, to liberate the poison […]

Satire of the Vague

Originally written: some time in college A person travels to a place and preforms an action the action causes an emotion in the person who feels it strongly The emotion is connected to an object in the mind of the person The object reminds the person of an event or another person Then there is […]