Hereditary Awkwardness

So, today one of my dogs, one who still lived with my parents, passed away. I’m sad but honestly, my roommate broke the news, and he started with”have you talked to your parents today at all?” And as soon as I heard that I knew someone died, and when he told me it was Snickers, […]

Stoner thought of The Day

​It must be even more confusing to be Transgender or interact with someone in transition in Spanish speaking countries. You’d have to not only worry about pro-nouns, but you’d have to change almost EVERY VERB AND ADJECTIVE I remember a bitch in Mexico flipped out on me because I used the female form when talking […]

Wait…. what?

Originally written: just now, in conversation “Three things: 1-  I am stoned as FUCK 2- We put the flea treatments on the dogs today 3- shit, I forgot. See number one.” I wasn’t being funny, I legit had a third thing when I started the list. Just sayin.

Acronyms for Lazy Folk

​Sequin coated pants are NOT cool for hanging around the house just chillen. They are stabby. Which is basically the polar opposite of comfy. I’m not saying don’t wear em out, just change when you get home. NSFL: Not Safe For Lounging 

Pug Wild, or; I didn’t want to love you…

Oh, hey, have I forced my (relatively new) pug obsession on you guys yet? No? Allow me to remedy this error… Ok so, you may have noticed my whole “I really like animals” thing… But, I do prefer some animals more than others, and when it comes to dogs, I’m a BIG DOG kinda gal… Little dogs are […]

Jim. Fucking. Sterling.; or Smart is Sexy…

Click here, trust me, you want to see this shit…. The link above will take you to a video recently posted on YouTube ….if you don’t already know of Jim Sterling, or you haven’t seen this video…..just do it. You’ll thank me later. I posted the following response in several places i (pathetically) hope it […]