Unusual Slang: A Cautionary Tale

One should take care to be certain one understands the meaning of any “slang” term before putting it to use…
My grandmother on my father’s side , when something surprised her, would always say “I’ll be jiggered!” And I just love that… I keep meaning to make it part of my active vocabulary but haven’t… 
I asked her once what it actually meant and she said she had no idea and must have heard it somewhere! 
I did some research ( because I’m a god damn freak and OF COURSE I did) and the definition of “jigger” can either be ” to jerk vigorously up and down or “a measure of alcohol, usually gin”…
So basically, my Grandma was constantly either saying she was drunk or she was masturbating…
Either way it’s pretty fantastic… she may not have agreed if I had told her, though


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