Hereditary Awkwardness

So, today one of my dogs, one who still lived with my parents, passed away. I’m sad but honestly, my roommate broke the news, and he started with”have you talked to your parents today at all?” And as soon as I heard that I knew someone died, and when he told me it was Snickers, my first reaction was relief that it wasn’t my elderly cat, Merlin. I’ve had Merlin much longer and we have a much stronger bond. Losing Snicky still hurt once it sank in, though.

I’m so glad my roommate was the one who broke it to me, and not my mom. We stopped by her house later in the day… and she didn’t know he’d told me. And… I sat down and she just goes “Guess what! Snickers died!”
And I was like “….mom … …that …for future reference, that’s NEVER the correct way to break bad news to someone …ever… like EVER”
And then I told her I was glad it wasn’t Merlin, and she goes ” Oh, yeah! We cant find Merlin.We haven’t seen him in three days.”
So then as we were leaving I started telling her how I’ve realized recently that my social awkwardness came from her, but she interrupted me in mid-sentence to tell me she liked my shirt….
And I was just like…. uhm…yep…thanks…thanks mom


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