Pete Pan Syndrome? Nahhhh……

So, there is this store relatively near us called The Unique Toy Shop. And it’s awesome. And we visited it today, and ….well, there was just too much awesome ….and keep in mind, these are just the things we decided NOT to purchase today….

Exhibit a:


Oh…my…fucking…gods. They some how found a way to make one of my absolute favorite activities, EATING….so much more fun than it already WAS…. Incase you can’t quite figure it out from the photo, these are utensils….that are made to look like farm equipment and garden tools. HOW DID I NOT COME UP WITH THIS IDEA!?!?!….I WILL eventually own these.

Exhibit b-



Miniaturized robot nesting dolls?? Because OF COURSE they have that…..


Exhibit c-


So, ok….my first thought when I saw this item…. Was “I have no idea what this even IS right now but I do know it’s amazing and I need it.”

So then I turned it over and read the back…essentially…this is a version of the game pickup stix…. Only the “sticks” are plastic spaghetti noodles…. And…for some reason…. there’s a yeti involved…because OF COURSE there is…..

It wasn’t easy to not bring this one home.

This is only a tiny sample of the massive selection of cool stuff they sell… I only permitted myself ONE actual purchase, because, adulting, and stupid budget crap…. But I’m gonna save that for a separate post….

The Unique Toy Shop is located in Canandaigua, New York, and if you have a chance you should check them out. They aren’t paying me for this, but the super cute chick running the register let me talk her ear off for half an hour AFTER we paid, so I’m considering that compensation.






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