“Hacking”, or: That Word You Keep Using…. I Do Not Think It Means … What You Think It Means

Originally posted on my boyfriend’s FaceBook, April 17th, 2016:


“Hi there friends of [my boyfriend]! This is lana. I “hacked” his fb….only not really because I’m not 12,and I actually know the difference between HACKING and taking advantage of the fact that someone didn’t realize they need to hit “log out” when using some one else’s computer…I really am sick of seeing that shit…it’s like “do you even Internet, bro???”….ANYWAY…..


first bonfire of the season!!!! Yay!!(im happy even though my boogers are starting to harden and I may have frostbite in my toes, because it’s FUCKIN SPRING MOFOS!!!) AND I currently do not have Internet access outside of wifi zones, because fuck my life, SOOOOOOO in order to use FB I have to conscript my boyfriend’s phone and I’m too lazy to switch accounts, SOOOOO I’m just posting to his wall…I can share on mine later….whatever.

Best part- he was inside…he just came back out, saw me with his phone, and said “whatcha doin babe?”

I may or may not have allegedly let out a long, ominous, chuckle…and said “nothing. Not a damn thing.”

Followed immediately by

“subtle … totally sounded legit…not remotely suspicious…go me!! #WINNING….”

Honestly….its been a few minutes now…and at this point, he’s just super happy that something is distracting me long enough to stop me from talking constantly while he attempts to ghost hunt..

I think I should just be grateful that were so comfortable with our trust and loyalty to each other that he isn’t remotely concerned about me having extended access to his phone right now….but honestly I’m a little bummed that this is one less thing I can use to fuck with him.

*smirk* one coin, sexy butt.

I guess you can have your wall back now. Love you.”

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