I’m so sorry you’re not a nerd


A friend of mine posted this meme on FaceBook….. The following is what ended up happening in the comments section of that post:

Me: I’m….I’m not understanding….is that..NOT….part of living your life to the fullest?? ….did…i miss a memo or something?

Friend: I guess some people think that living one’s life to the fullest is going out and doing things

Me: Why….is it not possible for it do be BOTH….or NEITHER, for that matter? This is why I can’t really relate to non-geeks….

It doesn’t matter which particular subculture(s) of geekdom you’re a part of….as long as you follow at least ONE thing, obsessively and with enthusiasm bordering on childhood awe…. You totally “get” how every other geek of any sort feels about THEIR geeky stuff.

But if you’re pretty much only interested in stuff that’s popular in current society, what’s “trending”, and you honestly haven’t ever ‘squeed’ over something, or made sound effects for inanimate objects (or pets…or even wild animals…cuz I’ve totally never done THAT)… Yeah….those people just don’t make much sense to me. I dunno, I just can’t understand how anyone could go through an entire lifetime with out finding ANYTHING… Not a single thing in all the world…. That you feel PASSIONATELY about? Not…one?? All I can feel towards people like that is deep, whole hearted, pity.

Wow, that went from silly to philosophical REALLLLLL fuckin fast. Er…well…this is awkward…

Fuck it, posting anyway. (Don’t judge me, bitchers!!)


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