I can see it now….

Have you run across the weird new cat thing on the internet, yet, with cucumbers?

I laugh because im an asshole and SERIOUSLY WTF GUYS, ITS A VEGATABLE…

HOWEVER….the apparent frequency of the effect FASCINATES me.

Because….now i desperately need to understand….


Why cucumbers????

Why EVERY cat, to THAT particular, specific stimulous????

And none of the current theories being floated about truely answers that question….

And because i read too much scifi/ fantasy. …
There is this back story explanation forming slowly in my brain

… Of how,  long ago, in a land far away…. cucumbers were sentient… but because of a dramatically tragic unrequited inter-species love story….

… The poor, innocent cucumber was cursed to silence and human mastication…

… And hence they are doomed to be remembered as their true selves ONLY by their sworn enemy…the common house cat…..forever more….

P.S. – there may have been alcohol involved in the formulation of this story. I regret nothing.


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