Everyone wants to start a revolution, or: #feelthemotherfuckingbern

Recently ive re-posted alot of pro-bernie stuff… But i havent PERSONALLY expressed WHY i think its so essential to vote for him in BOTH the primaries AND the main election… And i think ive expressed myself rather well in a conversation tonight, and id like to express it publicly as well.

Said friend and i often disagree on political issues, to the point where weve spent periods not speaking… But I was pleasently suprised to find out that she is ALSO staunchly supporting Bernie Sanders. This post is a little lengthy, but its well worth the few minutes it takes to read, especially youre still on the fence about this years presidential election.  Our conversation  was as follows:

Me:  Btw im EXTREMELY happy to see your voting Bernie…

Friend: Omg… everyone else I’d basically a “I’d rather die”

Trump is a joke…Hillary is almost as much as him

Me:  I’ll vote for Hillary in the presidential, IF AND ONLY IF Bernie fails in the primaries

Friend: Same here..

Me:  And honestly, even THEN i would go write in for Bernie, except that there is a completely UNFATHOMABLE danger of Trump actually making it….and i will vote hillary rather than allow that

Friend: Exactly…

Trump can NOT WIN

Me: My dad thinks im insane and i consider that the ultimate sign that im on the right path

That man being in office would be the litteral and figurative death of this country

Friend:  when I first heard he was running I thought it was a joke and then I found out that it was legitimate and then I found out how many brainwashed people actually support him and that was when I became worried

Me:   And that knee jerk response of “ha….this is gotta be a joke” (i did it too) is ALOT of what makes the man so god damn dangerous

Because we needed to nip that shit in the fucking bud, but we couldnt take it seriously, and now hes got enough fucking momentum that he has a CHANCE

Friend: Right!!!

Me:  And thats very very very bad

Friend:  I know…I worry because if he becomes president there are going to be rich people and poor people no in between

I am the in between

And if he wins I am afraid of what will happen to my family

Me: Well, there is barely an inbetween NOW

Bernie wants to bring the middle class back to power in  america…

And thats fucking beautiful

Friend:  Middle class is what makes this country run…middle class is the fuel

Me:   I honestly agree with god damn near EVERYTHING that comes out of that mans mouth

Hes becoming a hero to me, and ALOT of other people

Friend:  If Trump becomes president it will be like that one scene from Back to the Future where biff is the head of the whole city


Me:  Lolol… yes

Except on a much bigger scale…

Some friends and I have have discussed it at length

And weve pretty much predicted that if trump makes office, we’re all fucking dead.

Because he WILL incite nuclear war

And humanity will go the way of the dinosaurs, only it wont be circumstantial, our species will have signed its own death warrant.

Friend:  Yup… other countries will hate us even more than they already do

Me:  Ive actually read some commentary on Trump’s canadacy from NON americans recently

And they think were all fucking nuts

The problem is alot of them dont realize how big an effect his possible election could have on the REST of the world

They are mostly content to sit back and watch us burn…


Friend:  Basically all idiots

Me: Yes, idiots

But unfortunately there are ALOT of them

We, the conscience of America,  HAVE to unite on a solid front to keep it from happening

We have to prove that we can look past our petty differences and make a stand TOGETHER

We can bicker later, when we know were going to be safe from mass genocide, ya know?


Friend:  That’s so scary

He’s a “purge person”


He’s someone who would consider it

Me: Oh yeah

He already is…

Thats what the man masturbates to at night, gaurenteed

Friend:  Omfg… we’d never last.. Only rich people

That’s so sad

Me:  And even then, only those who further increase his power

Hes on a mission to become god on earth

He has the ambitions of hitler, times 100

Hes easy to write off as a fool

Which makes him the most dangerous man on earth

If i was in a room with a child rapist,  an animal mutilater, and Trump, and had a gun with only two bullets in it…. I’d shoot Trump twice.

Friend: If have to say that I concure… if I consider humanity as a whole…

Trump would be the priority

Me:  Which is why im willing to support Hillary if it’s the only way to keep him out of power

Shes corrupt, shes wishy wash, she rides on Bills coat tails,  and I generally can’t stand her

But im pretty sure she wouldnt murder me in my sleep in order to sell my kidneys on the black market

And ill take that if i have to..

There: I’ve  said my piece now. Do what you think is best for this country and humanity as a whole.  And please, gods, dont convince yourself your vote doesn’t count, you may just be the ONE VOTE that saves us. Band together, lay down your differences,  STAND AS ONE AND PROCLAIM IT LOUDLY: WE ARE THE MOTHER FUCKING REVOLUTION. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. WE WILL NOT BE STOPPED. FEEL. THE. FUCKING. BERN.


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