On Racial and Cultural Pride

I dont get why people are PROUD to have a certain melanin content or have been born, or have parents who were born, in a certain country, at all. Why are you PROUD of a thing that is incidental? You didnt DO that, its not an ACCOMPLISHMENT, it doesnt reflect on who you are as a human being in any way at ALL.

Im not PROUD to be white, because thats STUPID. Im COMFORTABLE, even HAPPY that im white….. Im PROUD that I am tolerant, open-minded, strong willed and generous. I DID that, I CHOSE to be those things.  I didnt do white.

Its not something to be PROUD about…its BY FAR not something to be ASHAMED of, thats horrible. But dont say youre proud of it. Say it doesnt, and shouldnt, be something that even EFFECTS your value and worth. Be proud of every accomplishment a black person makes, hell, be MORE proud of them than you are of a white person who does the same, because the black person faced more obstacles, and unjustified, unreasonable obstacles, to achieve it….. But dont be proud of them for being black. They didnt do that. That part, for better or worse, took no effort.

Further more, instead of saying “im black and im proud” why not say “im comfortable with who i am, aware that my skin color does not effect my humanity, and have the intelligence and strength of will not to allow others to treat me as if it did!”…. And if youre of asian, or Hispanic, or hell, irish decent, why not say ” im proud that im educated in the cultural heritage of my ancestors and have respectfully decided for myself whether i wish to follow their traditions and beliefs based on my own morals, values and enjoyment.” …like dude, not only are those thing actually YOURS to claim, but you’d sound way more intelligent than you do repeating a cliche.

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