The Monster Show

So like I just remembered this video i used to have as a kid.

That i used to watch CONSTANTLY.

Because we only had 4 channels.

And i only had so many videos.

(Dating myself BAD just then….ANYWAYS)

So i found it on youtube.

(Because fucking everything is on youtube.)

And it was exactly as incredibly fucking bizzar as i remembered.

And so i smoked a bowl…

(Because duh…)

And its fucking amazing…

So ive challanged every one in my insomniac facebook group…
If they happen to be drunk or any kind of high….
To do themselves the favor of checking it out…

And anyone who can make it through the entire video gets a prize
(Its a virtual prize but a fun one)

So then i thought: gee, maybe my blog followers would want in on this…

So, same challange, similar virtual prize….

Also, (may i lose all my followers if i lie) i solemnly swear this is NOT a jump scare.



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