Dont kill yourself, ok?? Just dont. Please.

Ok not gonna get all verbose, lots i could say, none of its important except this:

Its national suicide awareness or prevention day or whatever….SUICIDE FUCKING SUCKS. Dont do it. Call a hotline. Call me. Call a fucking phone sex operater!! Talk to someone! If you cant talk TYPE, if you cant type, WRITE …. Find help, please GODS, its THERE to be found i PROMISE, just look harder, one more time, before you chose what you cant take back. Youre worth it, life is worth it, there are options, i PROMISE.

Thats all.

2 thoughts on “Dont kill yourself, ok?? Just dont. Please.

    1. It is. And it isnt. Trust me i know this particular subject inside out from every possible angle hun…..would reading this message first stop EVERY suicidal person from ending it all? Nope. Of course not. Not a chance, not even close. But it might be exactly what one person needed to hear in that moment….it might be the memory that one of MY friends, or YOURS, went to when it came down to choosing one path or the other, the one memory that made them stop, for a second, for a lIfetime, either WAY. Its worth saying. Its also 100% entirely what i believe to be TRUTH. Which is why *I* put my blade down, pushed the pills away, untied the noose….
      It was enough for me, in that moment.

      It could be enough for someone else.

      So i want it to be there. I want it to be seen. Because its THAT simple. Its THAT easy. Always.

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