Cher Cassarole

Me: sitting here stoned and munchin on some throw shit in a pot soup i made earlier and thinkin bout you

Im eating this soup with my fingers and just CHOWIN….i probably look like a savage…especially since im naked and havent brushed my hair

And im sitting here in my head going”i wonder if lasanga is considered a caserole”

Friend:  Lasagna has to be its own category

Me:   But…its seriously SO a fucking casserole

Its just like…..gourmet itallian casserole

Friend:   It really is

Me: But its still a fucking casserole

Friend:But if it was a true casserole it be called lasagna casserole

Me:It should be

Friend:But its just lasagna because its better

Me:I think lasanga has an over inflated ego and im calling it lasanga caserole from now on to bring it back down to earth

Friend: That’s fair

But Like rattatoullie is a casserole I think too, but its not your average casserole and damn damn good, so its just it without casserole, these extra delicious things must of been the most recognised in the casserole world and was a thing of its own

Me:So wait, ive got an analogy

Like were all people, but some dont need the last name to be recognized

So like ratatoullie and lasanga are the Cher and Madonna of caseroles

Now im just gonna call it Cher

Cher Caserole.


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