Just posted this on facebook… MIGHT be high…you be the judge:

These things are for sale on one of the local sales Facebook groups I’m in. And I’m terrible saddened that even if I bought them I could not properly enjoy them. I do actually HAVE an adult sized swing set ( its very handy for building cardboard space ships on ) but I don’t THINK that they MAKE those cars in big people sizes. Imma start a company that sells only kid stuff in adult sizes because I feel this way rather more often than I probably should admit.

P.s. this is rather verbose for a Facebook post, even one of MINE. I should probably just post it in my blog. And I will. But I’m putting it here too. Because reasons. And, oh, look,I’ve gone and made it longer. Props to you if you’re still reading at this point. *gives those special people each a cookie*



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