Dogs in Movies

I cant watch movies where the dog dies, I go into hysterics.
You ever see I Am Legend?

well, SPOILER ALERT….the damn dog dies
my ex boyfriend and I were watching it and theres a dog and I asked him, cuz its a post-apocolyptic movie, so theres alot of dying, so I ASKED him, as soon as the dog got involved…

I asked him “does that dog die”
and he said no
and I said “SERIOUSLY does that dog die? because if that dog dies you need to tell me now and we need to turn it off”
and he said “the dog doesnt die”

so we continued watching it and


I lost it.

I made him turn it off and procceeded to cry all over him like a baby for two hours.
He deserved it for lying to me.
He let me cry on him, but I’m sure the whole time he was thinking “this bitch its crazy…I shouldn’t have told her the dog didnt die, but man, who gets this upset over a movie??”

I did try to tell him….
I cant watch movies where dogs die


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