Prison Tattoos?

My former cousin, who will never be my family, and who I have now officially disowned posted this last night. she posted it on fb, where my MOM of all people had to read it, so i dont feel the least bit bad quoting her directly. I won’t use her name because violates my anonymity policy, but its very tempting
“I just came up with an idea… To help out tattoo artists and those starting the learning process. Criminals in jail should be the practice dummy’s. The tattooist can decide what they want on the criminal. Such as the words “wife beater” “thief” “pedophile” “murderer”… It’s better than practicing on pigs right??? Lmbo!”



“I met TONS of people in prison who were better human beings than you have the capacity to be. YOU need a tattoo saying “sociopath” on your forehead warning people. I’m ashamed that we share blood.

Next time you want to be a Nazi (ya know, tattoos, like the Nazis did to the JEWS, dumbass) don’t do it where my MOM can see it, you really upset her.”

I had to use my mother’s Facebook to comment on her post because we were already not friends due to prior stupidity on her part…..  but this takes the cake…. She didn’t appreciate my comment, and sent me a personal message in reply, and then promptly blocked me so I couldn’t say anything in return. Her messsage is kind of confusing because she addresses comments my mother made as well as the ones *I* made, because apparently we are one person although i very clearly stated before i sent MY comments that my mother was no longer the one talking, so she SHOULD, i think, have been able to keep them seperate. regardless, this is what she said

“Are you serious??? Do not accuse me if being such things. Or write stuff like this on my page. I am entitled to my opinion and can say what I want. If you take this as a personal jab then that’s your own fault. I watch the news and dateline. Too many people are put back on the streets and hurt or kill innocent people. All that you wrote was uncalled for. She can delete me then. I don’t care. I dont need the drama. My comment had NOTHING to do with any of you. And dont tell ME to grow up. You have some growing up to do. And a large handfull of people liked the comment, so i cant be too far from having normal thoughts or opinions.”

Since I can’t reply to HER, since she has blocked me and i dont have any way to contact her by phone, I’m just going to put my reply here, for the world to see. Judge for yourself.

Funny thing is, I totally DIDNT take it personally. I am outraged for all the people still in prisons and for the wonderful people I met there
I don’t think she had me in mind AT ALL when she wrote it, and that actually makes it scarier

And yes, you’re right, people liking something on Facebook TOTALLY makes you ‘normal’
I’m sure Nazi officers felt the support of their party meant their thoughts and actions were normal as well.
And for the record *I* never told her to grow up, my MOM did that.
Also, funny how she’s entitled to her opinions and can say what ever she wants, but I, apparently, don’t have the same right.
OK….rant over…for now.


3 thoughts on “Prison Tattoos?

  1. Ignorance is so ugly!! I know many people who have been in prison and in jail and they are some of the best people I know. It isn’t a one title fits all type of place just like the rest of the world.

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  2. I will never understand people who think they are somehow superior to others. I understand that some people make bad decisions but that is not the be all, and end all, of who that person IS. That was a very idiotic and unfounded thing to say.

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