Social Writing

I am a social draw-er. (See this entry)

And recently I have discovered that I am a social writer, as well.

And it is a pain in the ass.

You see, I can only really write well during a conversation.

Thats part of why so many of my entries are written as conversations in one way or another.

Thats the only time the words flow from me.

When I’m talking to someone.

Which is fine if all you want to do is have conversations.

But is fucking annoying when what you really want to do is WRITE.

In order to make this blog work I’m having to have multiple conversations online with people WHILE I’m writing in another window.

I’m constantly switching back and forth.

Its very distracting.

But its the only way I can get anything out.

I’m sure this is strange, but I wonder if anyone else has this issue.

I wish I had a way to go to a public place where people were carrying on conversations so that I could sit in the middle of it and write.

I have a notebook that I write in while i’m talking to friends in person.

Its terribly rude… I pause in midsentence to scribble down ideas.

My friends must think I’d rather by home, writing.

They don’t know that they are my muse.

I have 12 open note pad windows on my computer.

Note pad saves my life.

I carry on 5 or 6 conversations at the same time when I can,

When there are enough people awake for me to pester.

And whenever an idea comes to me I open a new notepad window.

I jot down a short statement that will remind me what to write

and then I go back to my 5 or 6 conversations, hungrily,

drinking in the inspiration.

And when people start going to sleep, as it gets later, and I’m still up

I go back to my note pad windows, one by one, and I flesh out the stories while waiting…

waiting for someone to wake up, or get home from work, or from the bar

and feed my art.

Its a strange way to write.

Its disjointed and confusing.

Much like this blog.

But its what works for me.

What works for you?

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