Social Draw-er

I discovered when I was in jail that I am what I call a “social draw-er”

I’ve always liked to draw, and displayed some talent, but I never became truly GOOD until I was in jail.

Its simple really.

I draw better when I’m socializing at the same time.

When I was first locked up there was very little to occupy my time.

The other girls and I would sit around tables in the “rec” room

and we’d talk.

Sometimes we’d play cards while we were doing it,

sometimes we’d have snacks,

but mostly we’d talk.

One of the few things we were allowed to have for entertainment sake

was paper and little boxes of twelve crappy colored pencils.

And since I liked art, and needed something to do with my hands while we talked

I would doodle.

But some of my doodles became more than doodles.

Some of my doodles became really fucking good.

better than anything I’d drawn before.

And when I transfered from County Jail to State Prison

alot more options became available for entertainment.

and alot more options for privacy.

But I kept drawing.

And I kept drawing in the “rec” room, where there were people.

Because when I tried to draw in my “cube”, where I could have some privacy

Nothing happened.

I couldn’t think of anything to put on the paper.

So I’d sit in the “rec” room, and I’d sit at a table by myself, and i’d start doodling.

And people would wander over to see what I was drawing….

and they’d always say “Do you want me to stop distracting you so you can work?”

And I’d always say “no please, sit and talk with me, it helps me work”

So they would.

And now that I am free

I rarely draw.

Because there is no “rec” room

No conversation to inspire me.

Freedom has hindered my self expression.

Funny how that works.


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