Satire of the Vague

Originally written: some time in college

A person

travels to a place

and preforms an action

the action causes an emotion

in the person

who feels it strongly

The emotion is connected

to an object

in the mind of the person

The object reminds the person

of an event

or another person

Then there is an abstract thought

and then another image

What in the HELL just happened?

Addendum: I wrote this for an assignment in a poetry course i took in college. We had to critique other people’s poetry, and some of it was AMAZING, but some of it was written so purposely vague because the writers thought that made it sound “artistic”. they seemed to forget that the PURPOSE of poetry, of ANY art, is to convey SOMETHING to the reader. Without that it is no longer art. It is no longer self-expression. It is just a bunch of words. I wrote this to express my frustration at those who don’t understand that.


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