Apparently today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day.  So here are some pictures of my squirrel, Spaz, for you to appreciate.

10170740_10152360339739267_1589611068761743978_n 10269394_10154145740835511_4635066206110750540_n 10294522_1401974256754312_3198019688313012431_n 10331785_10152409559884267_1343670359_n 10331813_10152409559889267_1433606630_n 10351019_1402507076701030_7782109709984102214_n IMG_0580 IMG_0585 IMG_0598 IMG_0606 IMG_0610 IMG_0616 IMG_0630


4 thoughts on “Squirrels

    1. Ha! My dogs arent allowed around he when shes loose, but one time Loki, our boxer, snuck in the room while my boyfriend was feeding her. She took one look at him, let out a stream of squirrel chatter, and then stood up and peed in his face! So funny…poor Loki…..he was so confused…. We decided then that shes not a fan of dogs. Lol


      1. SQ torments them around the backyard. she really does call them out and tease them by jumping to safety just in time. so funny. could go on but the studio beckons…


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