Thoughts on Marijuana

Originally Written: Just now, in conversation

i don’t feel like i need it.

its like a dvd
i don’t NEED it, not even in an emotional way, but like, if someone offers it to me, then sure, i’ll watch it, why not, its entertaining.
most people are addicted to SOMETHING
if… if you worry that YOU will get addicted, then i totally understand not trying it
i, personally, am very careful to safe gaurd against ever getting addicted
and because of that i’m ok with it.
i suggest giving it one shot. preferablly with really good weed.
just to see what its like.
and if its not for you, then, fuck it, but at least you know
i like KNOWING things about myself
like this weekend i’m going to ATTEMPT to butcher a deer with a friend of mine.
Don’t know if I can handle it.
Not sure i won’t throw up.
Probably will, and probably will never do it again.
But I gotta try it ONCE, just to find out….so I know ME a little bit better

Addendum: a friend related to me that he’d never smoked weed, and i asked him why. among other reasons, he said he didnt feel like he NEEDED to smoke it. this was my response.


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