The Story

So when i was in jail I met this chick. We became really good friends but she always told me “when were out, if i see you on the street i will pretend i dont know you”
and she was a punk rock chick, and i knew she meant it
but for some reason…when we actually got out… she decided i was one that was worth keeping for some reason….
and she’s been one of my closest friend ever since.
and the last time we hung out, she came over at like midnight
and we were hangout and talking and whatever
and for some random reason we decided to go dumpster diving at like 3 am
and she hadnt sleep for like three days
but she was like, I can totally stay up for this
so we got in her car
and we drove to [nearby town]
and we started jumping into dumpsters behind the strip malls
we found a couple cool things… like i found a maniquin torso left over from one of the halloween stores
but mostly it was a dud night, and we were getting ready to call it quits and go home
so we decided to check one more dumpster, and it was the one behind good will.
dude, we hit the fucking mother load
i thought for sure that this was the donation bin or something, i actually went and checked like three times
but it was the garbage dumpster,
apparently those places have very strict rules about what you can and cannot sell. but they ACCEPT anything…. so they end up throw a ton of really decent stuff away.
we filled her fuckin car up man, and could have kept going but the sun started to come up and she was like, almost passing out while digging.
one of the thing i found in that dumpeter was this pair of shoes
they fit me perfect, which is weird because i have really wide feet and usually shoes are either right in width but too long, or right in length and too thin.
AND they were cute…they looked like mary janes, but were made out of rubber like crocs
i was psyched, and after that night i started wearing them everywhere
and i kept telling people they were my magic shoes, because what are the chances of finding my personal rare shoe size in a friggin dumpster
and then one night me and a couple friends were having a bonfire
and i was playing fire tender, as i usually do
and walking around in the fire pit, shifting things, adding wood whatever
and i start to feel something rubbing on my foot like there was a rock in my shoe or something

so i like, tap my heel on the ground a couple times , see if i can get it to fall out, …but that doesnt work…so i sitt down, takeit off, and tap it on the ground a bit harder and put it back on…but nope, its stillt here, so i take the shoe out and put my hand inside
and i find the rock…. and it wont move… which is weird…its like…embedded in the sole of my shoe
and im like…thats weird…and i turn the shoe over…and there, on the bottom, is the head of a nail.
it not a rock…its the very tip of a fucking rusty ass old nail
and the soles of my shoes were JUST the right depth and i stepped on it in just the right spot, so that that nail, instead of going through my foot, just barely poked me enough to notice it was there.

what are the odds???…magic shoes.
and that is the story of the time i went dumpster diving with my friend from prison and found magic shoes that saved my life (or at least prevented a REALLY painful tentanus shot).


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