i dont debate the science, i debate the existence of it
i believe in the science.but i dont believe its impossible for it to not exist

THAT is where i see god

i just dont usually call her that

well then contemplate the true ramifications of

the concept that is the number 0

the number zero is a thing the human mind was not

created to comprehend except on the vaguest of terms

yet it was the central american tribes that thought it up not the European enlightened.

and they were of an earth based religion, and that is part of the

reason *I* follow an earth based religion

they probably saw that a basket had no ears of corn in it

and thought, there is nothing there, and what can we call that.

and that is as far as we can understand it, essentially
and as far as we can understand god

so what is your religion then?

i’m pagan
ecclectic pagan
although i would like to change that part at some point

so basically your not christian?

i have a very specific set of beliefs that do not necessarily match with any particular religion


and it changes and evolves over time, but the basic moral s and values remain

what sources do you draw from?

oh all kinds of stuff
ive studied most of the more “popular” religions, if you’ll excuse the term
the ones that are more main stream
and then ive very heavily studdied the eastern mythos,

as well as the Norse, and greco-roman

so are you saying you take aspects

from all of these or you simply read into them?

well…alot of the aspects that really speak to me are the

ones that are repeated in multiple religious systems
so i’d say definitely aspects of all, but that they overlap alot

so do you believe in a god or the concept of

humanity and the self? or some blurring into that god is us?

kind of all of that
i believe that “god” is an entity that is within and without our selves at the same time
but also entirely separate
i personally identify with her as female, because i am female, and that is the side of things i lean towards
but i think that god is not one sex or the other, or even necessarily one BEING
i think that god is something so complex and alien to us

that we cant comprehend her…like the concept of zero
and that we attach qualities to her to make her understandable to us…

like the basket with no corn….

and that because she is a benevolent being she accepts ALL faces that we give her


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