I’m So Humble

Me:           you’re not in the blog, yet. we will have to have more interesting conversations for that to happen. lol

Friend:      Ohhh I get it. Like that time was riding an epileptic pony eating a raw sausage sandwich? Or was that Fred?

Me:          whos fred?

Friend:     Your mother’s old roommate’s cocketeu.

Me:          you know, you’re kidding to try and get in the blog…but i have stories that sound almost that crazy
like the time i went dumpster diving with my friend from prison
and i found magic shoes that saved my life

Friend:    Is that a blog entry?! I checked out the first few…

Me:        lol…no but it will be now
congrats, you made it in with your fake awesome story…not because it was awesome, but because it reminded me                   how awesome mine are.


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