How to Smoke Weed and Not Get Addicted

Originally written: Just now:

I mentioned in an earlier post that I safe guard against my ever getting addicted to marijuana by the way that I smoke it, and I thought i should explain that, as it may be interesting to some people.

As you may or may not know, my older brother was an alcoholic and an addict, and NOT a functional one. He ended up committing suicide while black-out drunk. I know myself and I know my personality, and i know that I am easily capable of becoming addicted to things, substance or otherwise. Therefore, I know that there is an inherent danger for me in smoking weed.

It is, however, something I enjoy and don’t feel I should have to give up, as long as I can follow some simple rules. If I catch myself BREAKING these rules it is time to take stock, call myself accountable, and stop smoking it.

I think other people could benefit from following these rules too, but thats just my personal opinion, and i do not claim that it is anything but a suggestion, and i accept no responsibility whatsoever if you try it and it doesnt work for you in whatever way you expected.

that said, these are the rules:

#1- never pay for weed

This is not reasonable for everyone, especially long term. For me, I have alot of stoner friends who are very generous, and are also willing to barter. I have a VERY limited income, and if my priorities are skewed enough that i’m spending the little money I have on drugs then I obviously NEED them now, and thats an addiction. So I never pay for it with cash. You could modify this one depending on your income and your priorities.

#2- never smoke when you’re in a bad mood

All the TIME people will see that i’m depressed and be like “hey, smoke a bowl,” or hand me a joint…. and I always say no. I will not smoke if I am angry, sad, depressed, or annoyed. This is what starts addictions. You do something to make you feel better, and it works….so the next time, you do it again… only you need more this time…. and more the next…. and pretty soon you’re blitzed all the time and it never takes the pain away, but you just keep trying….. yeah. I cut that cycle off at the head. the moment that I light up because I “just want to feel better” is the moment I need to stop smoking all together.

#3- take breaks… long ones.

If you can’t go a month without smoking, theres a chance you are an addict. test yourself occasionally. stop for a month. if its painful and you’re dying for joint…then you need to quit permanently. but if you can do it for a month and feel no desire other than the kind of desire you feel to play a video game, or watch a dvd, or whatever other non-addiction hobbies you might have, then you’re probably doing alright.

#4 Smoke til you’re high and then STOP

If you’re smoking til you pass out, you’re doing it wrong, in my opinion. I smoke to get high..and once i’m high, I stop smoking. I’ve had people forcibly give me shot guns trying to make me pass out… and i think those people are assholes. and i don’t smoke with them anymore. I smoke weed because the way it makes me feel is FUN to me. Passing out means I am no longer feeling that way. Why would I WANT to not feel the way I am trying to make myself feel? See when i say it like that, passing out sounds really stupid, doesnt it? If you’re smoking til you’re passing out, or even to the point where you’re not enjoying the feeling anymore…. you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, and you need to stop.

Thats basically it. I’ve been smoking since i was 15 and so far i’ve been able to stick to that pretty much all of the time (i slip every once in a while and break one, but as long as its rare, i dont consider it a big deal.

This has also worked for me with Alcohol so far, with one slip up, though i think you have to be alot stricter with this one because it DOES have physically addictive properties.

I would not recommend it with other drugs.

once again, test my theory at your own risk.


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