How I Blog

i suppose i should write more but i need inspiration
i’d ask my readers what i should write about but there arent many of them yet

what have you discussed so far

ohhhh everything
its so fucking random
but i think thats why people are liking it

have you discussed issues with russia, or the fact that bitcoin

has taken a huge tumble in price over the past

couple weeks. its down i believe over 50%

dont know enough about those things to talk about them, as far as im concerned

most of my stuff, in one way or another,is about me and the experiences ive had

because thats the only thing i know completely, the one thing i’ll call myself and expert on
anything else id need to do research for

research is good

it is, but its not really necessary for what im going for with this blog

well what was the last thing you discussed

my last entry was a short poem called sleeplessness

is this your personal therapy blog?

i suppose in some ways it is
but its also meant to be amusing and enjoyable for other people
i’m writing for an audience, as well as to get my thoughts on paper.

well then you are the only one who would be able to figure out what the next topic should be

yes but you see
people are my muse
talking to people, having conversations, that bring things to MIND
sometimes…alot of times actually…i copy whole conversations to my blog
because thats the best way i can express the idea
by making it a dialog


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