Truly Terrible Poetry from Middle School

Originally written: some time in middle school

addendum: I’m putting this at the beginning instead of the end because that way if you can’t manage to read all the way through you’ll at least get the important bit…. these are “poems” i wrote in middle school. they are awful. They are so bad i’m having a really hard time transcribing them and have had to take breaks to get away from how shallow and pathetic my writing was at this age. You’ve been warned. These are bad. Like, really truly awful. Like, someone-should-have-slapped-me terrible. But it shows where my writing started and how far its come, so I’m forcing myself to put it here for you to read…. maybe I just want to torture you guys as much as I’m torturing myself re-reading this crap. anyway, here we go:


Why can’t you say “I love you”
when i know whats in your heart?
Why do you leave me hanging
when you’ve loved me from the start?
why cant you be my handsome prince
like in a fairy tale?
instead you build a wall
You lock me out without the key
and though I try, I can’t break through at all.

slow down
take your time
hurry up
meet the deadline
i love you
you are mine
i wont listen
you’re a swine
you are beautiful
you’re a prize
worthless bastard
full of lies
you make sense


anorexic, bulimic
stoned and drunk
trendy t-shirt
black leather funk
sad for the day
happy again
as a new one comes your way
this is normal
this is cool
anything different
any you’re through
she still loves you
i know she does
but i cant stop thinking
about what was
i’d do it all for you
anything you’d want
i’m not like her
I don’t show off
dont you understand?
my love runs deep
she’ll just use you
then put you to sleep
you know it, as do i
I can only wonder


how can I hate
my best friend
and love my enemy
to no end?
am I insane?
I should just stop.
but let you go?
I’d rather not.
I’m so selfish
to want you for mine
but I can’t help it
when you’re feeding me lines
do you love me?
i don’t know.
but i’ve seen the you
that you dont show.


You are sweet
you are kind
you are nice
and you are wise
you may not know
what i want you to
but its true
i love you


I am
I am afraid
you will save me
if i pray
i can’t hear
but i can see
its really real
you love me


Together we are
together we stay
to keep your heart
i will not stray
hold my hand
kiss my lips
then you leave
just passing ships


you hide from your problems
you try to run away
you cower in the shadows
you dont know what to say
you love so much, but fear more
you cry until your eyes are sore
if you read this
and it seems you have to sigh
read my verse again my friend
change all the “you”s to “i”

Addendum: this one actually isn’t too bad


she’s beautiful
she’s perfect
not a flaw in sight
the guys all love her
she has friend
she has the perfect life
but at home
she is hated
so when she sighs
know shes not perfect
or you’ll find out
when she dies
Not Me

Never choose me
I’m scary
never choose me
I’m a witch
and anyone’s better than me

Never love me
I’m worthless
Never love me
I’m a whore
Yeah anyone’s better than me

You win
I lose
Not me!


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