Free for Me

Originally Written: just now

“you see, cute girls don’t have to pay for weed.”

I lean forward with my elbow on my knee, so he knows I’m being sincere, as if I’m about to tell him a secret, maybe THE secret, the one thing that will make everything come clear.

“guys just give it to you.” I say, “you don’t even have to ask…if a guy has weed and a cute girl who smokes walks in, he’s gonna share with her. And so, if you hang out around a BUNCH of guys, especially dorky guys who don’t get alot of attention from girls, and they all smoke weed, you can get high ALL THE TIME and never have to pay for it.”

We’re discussing how i’ve been a stoner for so many years and yet am suprisingly inept at the art of smoking.
We’re both stoned. Stoners always like to talk about getting high when they’re stoned. Its a very Narcisistic hobby, recreational marijuana.

“I never had to pack a bowl, either. One time me and my girlfriend were having date night, alone, and we had some weed, and a bowl, but we were like ..”what the fuck do we do now?”

He laughs and shakes his head, thinks i’m making this up.

I’m not.

I still dont know if I pack my bowl right… and I still haven’t paid for weed.
Now its more because I have generous friends or things to trade that aren’t money.

He comes back three days later.

We smoke, and talk.

He says “you were right. about the cute girl thing. This guy at my mom’s work gave her some… she gave it to me…it was good shit too, and free.”

I smile and nod knowingly.

Its good to be a girl, sometimes.


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