Me: *cough gag choke cough die

Friend: ??
Me: i accidentally lit an ashtray fire and the smell/fumes of burning filters choked me to death.i is dead now.

Friend: So your incorporeal and typing..
Me: i’m a vampire.
i discussed this with [other friend] the other day because SHE was dead
and i said “i assume you’re a vampire then, since i dont believe zombies are coordinated enough to type and ghost are incorporeal”
it was in my blog.
you probably read it.
Friend: i probably did
Me: which makes that a silly question
anyway, whats are you up to?

Friend: apparently posing silly questions
Me: well yes.
anything besides that? not that that isnt fulfilling enough on its own.
Friend: Nope nothing
I’m your boring friend.
Me: no you’re not
let me think…
maybe [other friend]
[Other Friend] may be my most boring friend
no, ya know its probably someone i’m not even gonna think of
because they’re too boring to remember
you arent at all boring
although, admittedly, there are some who are more interesting, though that might not entirely be a good thing


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