Into the Woods

I saw Into the Woods last night. I went with my parents to a little theater near us called The Ohmann Theater. Very cute place, they have renovated in recent years and done a beautiful job. If you live near Lyons, NY and want to check them out their website is here.

Now as for the movie… My overwhelming feeling after watching Into the Woods was “meh…”

It wasn’t BAD exactly, but it definitely didn’t live up to my expectations.

The characters weren’t fleshed out well, you didn’t get particularly attached to them and, therefore, you cared very little when bad things happened to them.

The plot was mediocre and confusing, full of holes and random, implausible situations.

And for a musical (and this is coming from someone who tends to love musicals) the music was just kind if blah. None of the songs were catchy and the whole thing just felt kind of forced.

There were the occasional chuckle-worthy moments, but not enough to salvage the rest.

By FAR the best part of this flick was Johnny Depp’s big Bad Wolf. He was sexy and frightening and charming all balled together, his song was the closest to being good, and he really COULD have been this movies saving grace….if they hadn’t killed of his character off ten minutes after introduced.

So, over all, this movie wasn’t ENTIRELY horrible, but I can’t recommend wasting that much of your life.


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