This is my first attempt at using the WordPress app, so we’ll see how it goes

To get out of the house today my boyfriend and I visited my favorite Thrift Shop, Reflections.

Its about a five minute drive from my house and they have tons of stuff to dig through.

They’re really great if you’re shopping for books but today I decided to restrict myself from the book section.

I came home with a pretty good haul. We spent $15.11 and here’s what we got:


A BUNCH of St Patrick’s Day stuff I found buried in a bin of holiday decoration, very exciting find,


This wall hanging. He’s about 7 inches tall and I’m not sure why but I fell in love with him


A note book…I’m not a huge fan of Americana (although my mom collects it) but its a quality hard-bound book, something I’ve been looking for to use as a catch all for blog ideas when I’m away from the computer. I really don’t care what the cover looks like.


Make up! Yay! I love finding cheap make up. You have to be careful that its not used, especially eye make up, but these checked out OK.


This is how the nail polish color looks on (one coat). I dig it.


And I found this cute little figurine for my boyfriend’s Zebra collection!


And I almost forgot, this pretty headband thingy!

We also got a couple other practical things that I won’t bother picturing, an over sized coffee mug, a light bulb, some undies(new with tags)… But basically that’s my haul. Think I did OK? I’m pleased with it. Not bad for fifteen bucks, in my opinion!


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