Dating Profile

Originally Written: ???

My self-summary

So I’ve decided (just now) that I am some kind of unnatural mating of trailer-trash and borgeousie (which I am 99.9% sure I spelled wrong). I’m very flexible (physically) but extremely uncoordinated. My life has some pretty serious complications, but I’m trying to deal with them. I’m looking for someone to eat popcorn, snuggle, and watch horror movies with…..also looking for a worthy dom, but I’m not sure that that exists…also PLEASE don’t ask me for naked pics, its not going to happen, and no I do not really want to see your junk. Sorry, not my thing…
What I’m doing with my life
I’m currently trying to get back on track…been through a lot. I have aspirations of becoming a dealer in antiques and second hand goods…trying to get my ducks in a row… hopefully it works out.
I’m really good at


The first things people usually notice about me

My hair when it’s dyed or cut oddly….my eyes

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Way too many things to list but I’m going to’ll never be complete but whatever.

Books: ANYTHING sci-fi or fantasy. I collect them. I have hundreds. They are my friends. My three favorite authors are Piers Anthony, Douglas Adams, and Lewis Carrol(I have a serious Alice in Wonderland obsession) but I will seriously read (and keep) anything with dragons or time machines….lol…I’m currently in the proccess of creating a library for my past reads….cuz I can’t part with them. Ever.

Tv….uhm I go in spurts on this, so I’m currently really behind on EVERYTHING but: grimm, lost girl, eureka, warehouse13, being human (the bbc version, cuz mitchell is SO much hotter than aiden), supernatural (I ❤ sam), face off(I kinda am considering getting into the field cuz it combines so many things I love), bunches more, older stuff than isn’t on anymore except maybe in syndication, stargate (all of them, atlantis is my least fav.), lexx (I ❤ kai!) Red dwarf, etc etc, anyone sensing a theme here?

The six things I could never do without

Books, my dogs, sleep, carbs, music, other people

I spend a lot of time thinking about

Philosophy…..there is no spoon. Sometimes my head hurts from contradictory truths…just sayin’also: perpetual motion machines….seriously, GOING to make it work…something with magnets…also: what I can scheme up to convince my friends to do ridiculous things, especially involving dressing up.

On a typical Friday night I am

Looking for someone who wants to DO something…..

The most private thing I’m willing to admit is:

I sweat when I’m sleeping. Like a lot.

You should message me if

You like horror movies
You like chicks with random rainbow colored hair
You are a hot tattoo artist who’s willing to trade me tattoos for sexual favors (JOKING!!!!….mostly….)
You’re dorky enough to remember Red Dwarf (bonus points if you have it on dvd!!)
Your name is Mike or Mark and you drive a harley (a ‘psychic’ at ren fest last year ‘saw’ this in my future and it cracks me up so I’m always looking for ‘that guy’)
You brake for garage sales
You used to know me and I seem to have dropped off your radar for like a decade..I have my reasons, but I probably miss you too.

Addendum: This is the actual contents of my dating profile on the site I met my boyfriend on. Guess I didn’t do to bad, he picked me.


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