Originally Written: March 08, 2002 – 1:00 p.m.

i never write in here. i think its just that i have a hard time believing that anyone will ever care about whats written. its just my every day life, right? well, i do try to keep it interesting at least. i have to get my freakin blood drawn in a bit. i hate that. it makes me feel like i’ve gone back in time and they are leeching me. maybe im just weird.

i think i’m going to make a list of my pet peeves:

  • people who pronounce often with the “t” in it. (its spoda be said OFF-EN people!)
  • my dad yelling.
  • people who tell me i have no reason to be depressed…oh how i could go on and ON about this topic.
  • when [my boyfriend] asks me if i’m going to be “mopey” if im upset. grr…
  • living in my house.
  • fat people who comment on other people being fat.
  • people who dont realize you just insulted them and agree with you.( my aunt. i said “i hate people who talk about things they know nothing about” meaning her, and she said “yeah! me too!” dumb ass…)
  • people who talk about things they know nothing about.(ok so im a hypocrite, i probably do this too, but i TRY not to.)
  • people who talk really loud in restaurants and then give you dirty looks if you listen to them.(this happened to me recently..[my boyfriend] kept telling me to stop staring..i couldnt HELP it.)

oh lots of other things. i’ll add to it when i think of more things. i’mma shut up for now. maybe i’ll write more later. bye.


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