Old Jail Museum

Lately my boyfriend and I are on a budget, so we spend an awful lot of time cooped up in the house watching TV and playing video games….but there’s only so much of that you can handle before you just need to GO SOMEWHERE. We try to find places we can go and do things that are cheep, or better yet, free.

My boyfriend has a hobby…ok, its more of an obsession, with ghost hunting or paranormal investigating. He has all the equipment and stuff, recorders, night vision cameras, all kinds of stuff. Kinda like the guys on the Sci Fi channel. Its kind of neat and depending on where and when he does the investigation its usually free or very cheep to do, and its kind of fascinating and exciting.

In a town near where I live called Lyons there is a museum in what used to be the jail in the 1950’s You can check out their website here.

Two years ago, around Halloween, they held a haunted house there, and the place was TOTALLY creepy, with or with out the actors and props.

So yesterday my boyfriend and I were bored, so I decided to take him over there and show it to him, see if there wasn’t any ghastly activity going down.

It was $4 per person to get in ($2 for students and Historical Society members), and for an afternoons entertainment, totally worth it.

Because there were only two of us and no one else was there but the curator we were given a binder full of information on the museum’s contents and went on a “self guided tour”, which basically means we were giving free reign to wander about.

Before we started our own exploration though, the curator made sure to point out to us the cell block where a public execution had been held (they sold over 1000 tickets to this execution) and a certain chair that had been made from wood taken from gallows. My boyfriend MAY have mentioned he was looking for ghosts.

We spent a while wandering on our own after that, looking at the tiny jail cells (MUCH smaller than modern cells, I know from experience), the inmates shower room, and an awesome collection of weapons confiscated from different inmates upon incarceration. (The straight razors were my favorite), among other bits of jail memorabilia.

My boyfriend had his recorders going the whole time.

When we got home he spent a few hours painstakingly going through the recordings, listening for “EVPS” or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, essentially ghosts talking to us.

He got some pretty cool results. His EVPs from this and other ghost hunts can be found here.

Later that evening, though, I was talking to a friend of the family and found out that I have a very close personal connection with someone who actually committed suicide while incarcerated in that building. I’d love to tell you the story but it isn’t mine to tell, lets just say that if spirits stay around because of traumatic events, this guy is DEFINITELY one you’d expect to be there.

So we’re going to go back.

Because I know the details of this mans life, and I know his family’s names and history, and I think that if I go back I can provoke him into giving us something truly impressive to catch on film and/or audio. He was not a nice man, and I have no qualms about doing this.

A few of our friends think its a great idea and want to accompany us, so we’re going to go as a group and have a little ghost hunting party in the old jail (being respectful of the place and its care takers, of course).

Outside of my boyfriend EVP evidence I did manage to accidentally capture what appears to be an apparition when I was snapping a shot of the weapons collection:


look in the area near the right hand back corner of the glass case….do you see it?


To our eyes there appears to be a figure standing there wearing a long coat in the area that is circled in red.

My boyfriend and I were the only people in the building at that time and he was standing beside me when I took this.

It could just be a trick of the lighting… but maybe its not.

Decide for yourselves.

Either way, I will definitely be blogging about our trip back to the Old Jail Museum, so look for that in the future.


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