Living Dead Dolls

Originally written: February 04, 2002 – 5:31 p.m.

Living dead dolls are the cutest things in the whole world and i love them.

I only have one, her name is School Time Sadie, but i want to get them all, even though i probably never will, they are pretty expensive, 32 bucks a pop.

but they are all dead little children, and they look basically like Madame Alexander dolls only gothic and creepy and they come in coffins with little accessories and such.

So anyway, since they are so expensive, but so cute, alot of people make custom ones, and so, it looked like alot of fun, so i decided to try doing it myself. My first doll is going to be modeled after the comic book character i created, her name is Malice. the book is a parody of Alice in Wonderland(one of my obsessions). the second one i wanna do is a doll of Alex from A Clockwork Orange.

Why im frustrated- So I wanna do this doll really bad right? well, just when i decide to do the doll, my CAR decides to DIE.


So in order to make the doll I have to go to the store and buy a “base” doll, to paint and change, ya know?

But i cant go ANYWHERE because the car is borked, and dad is in PA so we only have one car.


Anyway, so , eventually they sort of accidentally make the car run, but not well, so its going err err err when you start it most of the time, right? Well, because of that my mom is only willing to stop and restart the car once, and she doesn’t want to go far from the house incase we have to call someone, so we have to go to Ames.

Ames, incase you don’t know, SUCKS.They have NO selection, all their dolls sucked, and they didn’t have ANY the right size.

But i wanted so badly to make the doll that I decided to make do with the closest they had.

Then we went home, and I started to paint her, but i couldn’t find any white acrylic paint in my house.

Now that wouldn’t be a big surprise in most houses, but in mine that makes no sense.

We have EVERYTHING related to crafts.

Why must we be missing the one thing i needed?

So i found a bottle of white fabric paint, and thought, oh, what the hell, its close enough.


Once i had her all painted, the paint decided to reveal to me its ability to peal off.


Eventually my mom found a tube of very old white acrylics and i re-did her, but god, i am having a flustrating time.

She better come out great.
enjoy- me

Addendum: Ames no longer exists, but it used to be a chain of stores similar to Walmart or K-mart.  Read more about it here. For the record the doll failed miserably, but I did eventually make a decent custom and this is how it came out:



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