Just Another Day…

Originally Written:  October 30, 2012

So….Came through “Super Storm” Sandy alright…..the tent was trashed.

And if Dad hadn’t had the brilliant idea to park the Kia in the back field for the night it would be a giant fiber glass & steel pancake right now (yum?) (see photos) but other than that, no damage.

Its really hard to get back in the habit of blogging…there’s just so much else to DO…. the weird thing is that i blog in my head when i’m doing stuff…like…i write the story of what i would say about what is occurring in my head….. in the third person, as though i’m talking to someone…this is something i’ve ALWAYS done, since i was little…. like i think subconsciously that there is someone out there who can hear my thoughts and is recording them for posterity, and that its my responsibility to make a good record of everything that happens. God i’m weird sometimes.

I’m having way too much fun with this whole having the internet back thing….. I can’t stop doing shit…stupid shit…like playing Dragon City on Facebook. because THAT is super important. I really need to be carving pumpkins for [my cousin] because Halloween is TOMORROW……but…I can’t stop…..its so good…..oh internet….how i have missed you *swoon*

tumblr_mcq5yoGcIH1rzpv71 tumblr_mcq5zhAQvN1rzpv71

Addendum: This was written shortly after I got off parole and the restrictions on internet access dropped. I went without using the web for 7 years. I still have a hard time believing that. I’ve been a net-junkie since I got my first internet-capable computer when i was ten. Its a very hard thing for me to live without.

Also, this entry was originally written in on my tumbler page., which was my first post-prison attempt at blogging. I managed three entries and then completely forgot it existed.


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