Originally written: MAY 20, 2013

Good mor…..afternoon….. everyone.Woke up about an hour ago to a call from my ex girlfriend saying she’s bringing her mom over to see the 6 day old kittens under my china cabinet. Isn’t that how EVERYONE wakes up?

Mondays are not the horror to me that they are to most people, as I have no job to dread going to….the only thing really upsetting me right now is not having a phone. I broke the screen thursday, and the replacement won’t be here until tomorrow. Apparently, lack of cell phone is my personal Kryptonite … If you ever want to make me completely lose my shit, take away my phone. I’m crippled. I feel like I can’t move from in front of my PC because someone might NEED me, and they can’t TXT!!!! I’m neurotic.

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