Originally written: MAY 22, 2013

Really long day…every day is kind of crazy in a house that has 15 animals living in it and three humans….. but today was particularly insane. I’m going to (attempt to) write two separate posts about today, one to rant about my personal crap, and one to talk about STUFF (movies, books, etc) So, this will be the personal one…if you find my ramblings about my life boring, feel free to not read it….

I spent the majority of last night STUCK in the book I was reading, that I could NOT put down…but thats for the other post….anyway, for back story, I had two pregnant female cats (because pregnant MALE cats would just be weird) in my house at the same time, and 8 days ago the first one (Fuzzball) went into labor. Unfortunately, she only had one kitten and it was stillborn. I was kind of hoping the the second Mama (Trouble) would have a fairly good sized litter, so I could give one of the babies to the kittenless Mama (if she would take it), because I hate to see her go through all that and not have a baby to take care of….




Shadow & Starlight (guess which one’s which) in one of their VERY infrequent calm moments


Fuzzball and Trouble sharing the responsibilities of motherhood

well, the next day Trouble went into labor…. and because trouble is a SUPER friendly cat (she will forcibly cuddle you), I decided to see how she would do if I let Fuzzball stay in the room with her…. and they were AWESOME…. Fuzz took great care of Trouble, and they both shared the tasks of feeding and cleaning the babies (and each other), they were co-mothering, and it was so cool!

Trouble had three kittens, but one only lived for a day (he had something wrong with him, I tried to keep him alive, but failed ) so we ended up with two babies, an all black little girl, and a tiger striped boy. They are both doing well and are fat and greedy and adorable.

The co-mothering only lasted until the next morning, and I’m not sure which of them started the fighting (I’m guessing Fuzz, its much more her style) but the kittens and both moms were under my china cabinet and the moms were beating the crap out of each other, so I had to separate them. Disappointing  but I was worried the kittens would get hurt in the brawling if I just tried to let them “work it out” so….did what I had to do.

So for the past 5 days, trouble has been taking care of the babies on her own. Then last night about 5 a.m. (when I was still awake cuz of my damn book), Trouble started banging on the “nursery” door from the inside, and she’d just gone back IN there like 15 minutes earlier, after being out for like four hours….I tried ignoring her but she was persistent and finally I went and let her out. And she promptly ran into the living room and threw up, like, three days worth of food. and then for the next hour she kept dry heaving REALLY violently…. which had me totally freaked out.

As worried as I was about trouble, I also knew that at this point it had been like 5 hours since the kittens had eaten, and trouble was in no state to feed them, so I made the executive decision to try letting Fuzzball nurse them. I wasn’t sure she would still be lactating after 6 days but it was worth a shot… so I brought the two bundles of AWWWW out into the living room and let them lay with me and Fuzz on the couch, and they latched right on and went to town. Trouble saw the babies with Fuzz but didn’t even come to look. Once Trouble stopping being sick and started acting normal again, I took her and the babies back in the “nursery”, and gave them to her to nurse, but as soon as the babies got near her, her heart was like, beating out of her chest, super fast, VISIBLY, like she was having a panic attack. She calmed down after a bit as long as I was there and kept petting her, and fell asleep, but when ever one of the kittens cried or moved too much, she’d wake up and get all nervous again.

This is her first litter, and it was her first heat (and yes I know that’s bad and should not be allowed to happen, I really didn’t mean to LET it, but it happened anyway) and I think she just couldn’t handle the stress of being a mom all of a sudden (I also think that’s what made her vomit). So, since this morning, we are co-mothering again. Every three or four hours I open the nursery door, and one Mama comes out, and the other goes in, like they’re on shifts. no fighting, no looking worried about the other cat going in to be with the babies, just one in, one out, with no help from me but opening the door. How weird/cool is THAT?

The only thing they seem to disagree upon is where the babies are supposed to BE in the nursery….Trouble wants them to be under the China cabinet, and Fuzzball wants them to be in the birthing box I made her (complete with Canopy for privacy, spoiled things…) so every time they switch, which ever one goes in moves the babies to her chosen spot before feeding & bathing them. Its kind of funny, but its not hurting anyone, so I’m just gonna let them do their thing.

SO by the time I was done dealing with the cat disaster, it was 7 a.m. I had a doctors appointment to 2:30 p.m. and was supposed to go and have labs done in the morning so that they’d have SOME of the results by the time of my appointment…. So I decided I REALLY needed to get some sleep, and lay down, and was JUST starting to drift off…..when Starlight (my yellow lab/ terrier mix) decided she’d heard a noise outside and needed to start HOWLING…..which wouldn’t have been too bad, she’d have gotten over it and shut up in a bit, except Shadow (my chocolate lab) decided she needed to RESPOND to the howling by barking INSANELY…. and since Star is in the basement and Shadow is upstairs, they can’t just get together and say “hey, whats wrong?” so the two of them proceeded to spend the next hour having a conversation THROUGH THE FLOOR at the top of their lungs (do people ever yell at the BOTTOM of their lungs?) for the next two hours and would not be quiet, no matter what I did

ok, I’ve decided I need to split this post in two pieces, because its just getting ridiculously long, and no one is going to have the patience to read all of this in one sitting…. SO… If you’ve actually found this somehow entertaining, you may now turn the page *beep*…


Addendum: I never did continue… oh well.


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