Facebook Highlights: November & December, 2014

Originally Written: November 2

Daylight screwup time…its 5 o’clock and I’m expecting Walking Dead to start
Originally Written: November 4

Dogs are particularly good friends when its cold
Originally Written: November 4

Everybody’s been asking for pictures of the squirrel, and since we moved her into the trailer today I took the opportunity to snap a few, so here she is, all growed up!!! Pretty little Spazzy exploring her new room!

7599_1499474483670955_2906968151907090448_n 10409057_1499474450337625_8451938774206414927_n 10422127_1499474473670956_2633179235016488126_n 10624614_1499474460337624_4854581776960937172_n

Originally Written: November 7

Only in our house would the phrase ” no, don’t eat the skulls” be used regularly

Originally Written: November 7

“dogs are really a pain in the ass. If they weren’t adorable and cuddly we’d be eating dog.

Its so true

except Thor. I wouldn’t eat Thor.

and maybe Loki.

but Star would totally be stew.

Except she’s all lanky and shit she’d probably be all stringy and disgusting.”

-Lana’s thought processes and why she still has pets.

Originally Written: November 7


Originally Written: November 7

me: I finally got my meds after fighting for a week and a half

Friend: well thats good

me: so I dont feel like a zombie, in fact I feel a bit like Superman, which is awesome

Friend: but Batman is more awesome

Me: I wouldnt want to FEEL like batman though.Feeling like Superman is better because he has super powers. Batman just has gadgets. i feel like batman all the time just using my smartphone

Friend:but Batman is way cooler…

Me: Im not arguing that point, Im just saying if I have to chose to FEEL like one or the other, I’m going with Superman.

logic. or some shit.
Originally Written: November 7

me: what color are you painting it?

Friend: Bossa nova outside. Oatlands subtle taupe inside

me: could you use not-gay color words?

why does Sherwin Williams think “blue” is a sin?

Originally Written: November 7

Am I the only one who occasionally FB stalks themselves? like…I go back and read my old posts, go through all my pictures from months/years ago, whatever? just wondered if thats weird
Addendum: apparently it is NOT weird. It may, however, be weird to post your Facebook highlights to your blog.
Originally Written: November 10

why does my “clove flavored” juice for my vaporizer taste like potting soil smells?

Originally Written: November 12

I HAD patchouli scented candles…NOW I have a puppy with hippy breath.

Originally Written: November 22

[my boyfriend] is a sock whore. He said so.
Originally Written: December 2

Loki will mess you up…


Originally Written: December

My personal favorite Christmas ornament!


Addendum: I found this in a Christmas Store when visiting Hershey, PA …. I couldn’t resist the irreverent nature of the thing

Originally Written: December 4

This is why I stick to SciFi and fantasy…. Regular fiction is far too real to me….I don’t WANT to relate…I want to escape.
Originally Written: December 5

Getting puppy dog eyes from an actual puppy dog…..

Originally Written: December 7

[my boyfriend] didn’t know what bubble lites are ‪#‎retrochristmas‬

Originally Written: December 7

Happy retro Christmas!!!!


Originally Written: December 7

Star is extra derpy when shes sleeping


Originally Written: December 8

Because wrestling is dumb but wrestling games are FUN— playing WWE 2K14 with [my boyfriend]

Originally Written: December 8

How to choose between kitty ears or a fedora on my character???? ‪#‎firstworldproblems‬

Originally Written: December 10

So happy dog


Originally Written: December 11

Loki has the best\worst puppy dog eyes ever…

He looks so SAD like…..he might ACTUALLY DIE of a BROKEN HEART…..

unless you give him some pizza

Originally Written: December 11

I kinda wanna go play in the snow but all my warm clothes are at moms
Addendum: The hazards of only PARTIALLY moving out of your parents house…
Originally Written: December 11

So I have this awesome faerie Christmas and tree and I’ve had it for like 15 years and never put it up cuz I had no place to put it. Now I have a house and it appears that I’ve hidden it from myself. Its been in the same spot for at least ten years and now it is not there, and I know I’m the one who moved it but I do not know where I moved it TO. Damnit I want my tree.
Addendum: I never found the tree. Found all the ornaments, AND the lights… no clue where the tree is.
Originally Written: December 11

Dear dogs,

There is two feet of snow in the driveway. No one is coming in that driveway. Please stop barking at the window like somebody is here.


Originally Written: December 11

Ok I’m officially freaked out…so I have the game Defiance for Xbox 360…..[my boyfriend] just downloaded the same game to his Playstation3……and some how my characters are in his systems memory…..uhhhhhhmmm
…….wtf?? How…..we…..but….it can’t….BIG BROTHER HAS AN EYE ON ME

Addendum: My geekier friends informed me that: “some game companies keep ip logs and then create accounts based on those ip logs. It is also possible the same email addresses are logged in to the accounts. EA and Origin do this typically.”

So, completely possible…but still totally creepy to me.

Originally Written: December 13

Ketchup flavored popcorn…. Yeah, you heard me…

Originally Written: December 15

Making cookies with mama


Originally Written: December 15

[my mom] made [my boyfriend] a Hulk Hogan cookie!!


Originally Written: December 15

Mom’s snowman is possessed


Dude just look at that FACE…

10849844_1519149781703425_2733256583321304370_n - Copy

Originally Written: December 16

Some days I wake up and my bed head is genuinely pretty


Originally Written: December 16

Merry Catmas


Originally Written: December 16

Going to see a man about a horse….seriously. [how often do you get to MEAN that?]

Originally Written: December 16

So…. Riding for two hours in a car with a horse…… Very surreal experience. KC (the horse) was a doll though, and it was great spending time with [my friend and her mom].

And props to the Burger King Victor employees for completely not noticing the horse in their drive-through…..talk about jaded…


Also, coming home to ” we saved you bacon” is just about the best thing ever.
Originally Written: December 21

Watching old home movies so I can see my brother for Christmas

Originally Written: December 21

“Bears eat turkey and bubble gum”- Little Lana

Originally Written: December 21, around 11:53 p.m.

T- seven minutes to MY BIRFDAY

Originally Written: December 22, around 12:03 a.m.


Originally Written: December 24

Stocking stuffer from mom….the worst part is I’ll totally use it


Originally Written: December 31

I’m such a freakin weirdo….I just had to actually say ” you can’t lick my eyelids right now, there is glitter on them”…..‪#‎WEIRDfirstworldproblems‬


Originally Written: December 31

Juke boxes should make a comeback

Originally Written: December 31

“Facebook ruined the internet…. Im putting that on facebook.” -Lana

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