Facebook Highlights, June 2014

originally written: JUNE 2

My boyfriend wants me to play Warcraft but I can’t justify spending that much money on a game….. #Firstworldproblems

originally written: JUNE 3

“Its ok, we just have different taste in psychopaths”

originally written: JUNE 8

Trouble is an attention whore…..which is kinda deep if you don’t know that’s my cats name

Originally written: JUNE 9

ya know those life alert bracelets?? you’d be suprised how difficult they are to give BACK to the life alert people…..

Originally written: JUNE 15

that awkward moment when you hear an explosion from about a mile away and know without a doubt that someone you’re related to blew something up…..

Originally written: JUNE 17

Dear Johnny Depp,

i love you SOOOOOO MUCH…… but what the fuck did you do to Willy wonka!?!?!?

yes i just finally saw this movie.

Originally written: JUNE 26

having a strong urge to draw on my boyfriend while he sleeps……but i’m NOT….see [Boyfriend], see how much i love you???

Originally written: JUNE 29

Dogs in cones are the funniest thing ever.

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