Facebook Highlights, July & August 2014

originally written: July 4th

happy 4th….. i have “Beat It” stuck in my head…i do not think the two are related.
originally written: July 19

so we’re driving home and im kind of depressed and [my boyfriend] all of a sudden says “oh man, you know what i forgot to do??” and i’m like “hmm?” and he’s like “tell you i love you.”………..

damnit with the cuteness. I couldn’t not smile. I love you too baby…..

originally written: July 19

Pants are over rated

originally written: July 21

know what i feel like doing right now???…… yeah, me either.

originally written: July 24

Dear everyone:

Facebook doesn’t donate a dollar for each share to anything, ever. Please stop falling for that. Thank you. This has been a public service announcement.

From Lana

originally written: August 22

Dear Facebook Feed,

you are officially the reason i am gaining weight. stop with the yummy shit, ok? thanks


originally written: August 23

dumpster diving is fun…and works much better with someone who isnt terrified of the fuzz showing up…just teasing [My Friend], you know i love you

PS for those who worry about me, dumpster diving is completely legal in new york state

originally written: August 31

So, verdict so far- deep fried Twinkie, so so, deep fried Oreos, AWESOME. But deep fried strawberry shortcake ….MONUMENTAL,!!!!

Also, I missed Puerto Rican cooking…go figure


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