Bone Dust and Winston Ciggarettes

A friend and I were talking today about how he wants to start making bone carvings with his rotary tool (which I think is awesome). It lead to some interesting discussions, but one of my favorites was when he mentioned that he’d need a respirator to avoid getting bone dust in his lungs… I thought that it would be hypocritical of me to mind inhaling bone dust, since I smoke ciggarettes. Because “at least bone dust is organic and shit”

Tobacco would START organic I guess but they add all kinds of chemical crap. mmmm…chemicals
My friend asked if cigars contain chemicals too, and I told him that if you’re buying them commercially then yes…as far as I know, there is only ONE brand of ciggerettes that you can buy that have NO added chemicals

Its like….buying hawaian punch at the grocery store…its probably 20% juice and 80% sugar water, unless its labled organic.

The only ciggerettes that i know of that you can buy that DONT have added chemical are Winstons

The things you learn in jail…

See the thing is… in prison, when you were in lock(what most people think of as “solitary confinement”, you could smoke once a day for an hour when you had “rec” time outside.

And that was ok if you had cigerettes in your “property” when you went in.

but usually you didnt know ahead of time you were going to get in trouble so you had maybe enough smokes to last you a couple days, and then you were fucked.

EXCEPT…that on “restricted” commisary, which is all you can order while in lock….you could buy Winstons.

ONLY Winstons.

All the other brands were off limits

And for some reason the Winstons cost like $2 more than anything else.

And they taste like SHIT

We considered them punishment ciggarettes.

People on restricted commisary would trade you three Winstons for a Newport…and people were still like “mannnnn…i dont know…”

I’d rather have a rollie rolled from butts than a Winston

So….. yeah…organic might be good for food, but for ciggarettes it is NOT a plus.

And I mean really, what is the benefit of “no added chemicals” in a ciggerette? now it’ll ONLY kill you?


2 thoughts on “Bone Dust and Winston Ciggarettes

  1. The things u learn in prison 😂 …
    I’ve never been in but I’ve learned a lot from others, including u. I agree, organic cigarettes are like.. diet coke with a super-sized Big Mac meal.


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