Antiques Mall: Part 2, Vintage Halloween

This is part 2 of my Antiques Mall Adventure, this one will be much shorter.

Incase you haven’t read the first part, I’ll start with this:

Lately my boyfriend and I are on a budget, so we spend an awful lot of time cooped up in the house watching TV and playing video games….but there’s only so much of that you can handle before you just need to GO SOMEWHERE. We try to find places we can go and do things that are cheep, or better yet, free. One of my personal favorite places to go is a HUGE Antiques Mall that is fairly close by. They have HUNDREDS of vendors selling out of one big building, and you NEVER know what you might find there. Even if you’re broke just window shopping in this store can be fascinating. And to make it even better they have free coffee, water, and animal crackers for patrons (but its always nice to leave a tip in the tip jar).

If you live in upstate NY and want to check them out their website is here

Anyway, we were desperately bored yesterday, and I hadn’t yet introduced my boyfriend to the joys of the antiques mall, so we got in the car and headed over.

If you’re going to check it out I DEFINITELY recommend going on a weekday if at all possible…the place tends to be pretty empty during the week, and you will find that the employees are alot less rushed and alot more willing to let you take stuff out of locked cases and look at it, try it on, play with it, etc. If you absolutely HAVE to go on the weekend or a holiday, be prepared for the check out line to be pretty long, and to have to wait a while for assistance. I’ve gone on busy days many times and I dont really mind, but if you’re an impatient person this might not be for you.

Ok, review part over, now for the FUN stuff.

I’m splitting this entry into section because its going to be very graphics heavy and long. Hopefully I’ll keep it interesting enough that you’ll stick around and read all the parts, but feel free to skim.

This part well will just call “Vintage Halloween”

I’m in a couple of Halloween centric groups on Facebook, because Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday. I tend to take it a bit far. But that a whole ‘nother entry.

One of the groups I’m in is called “Vintage Halloween” and The Antiques Mall is a GREAT place to find stuff that falls into that category. I took several pictures of Vintage and/or replica Vintage Halloween stuff, So I’m just gonna lump them all here for those who might be interested in that kind of stuff:



Normally I say a few words after each picture but I think these ones pretty much speak for themselves, so I wont bother, hope you enjoyed the pictures, and hope you’ll join me for Part 3: Antique Nightmares.

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